We may be in the midst of a so-called building freeze but the Calvia council have given permission to build a five star hotel in El Toro, next to the sports centre. It will be the third luxury hotel to be built in the municipality. The plans unveiled yesterday for the hotel indicate that it will consist of four four-storey-high buildings built around landscaped gardens. The new hotel has a lot in its favour as it is close to the beach and near Santa Ponsa golf course. The other hotels under construction at the moment are at Punta Prima, near El Toro, and at Punta Negra. This new El Toro hotel will have a total of 68 bedrooms and it will not be completed for a number of years. Environmentalists are expected to complain against this project especially as, according to the Council of Majorca, a building freeze is allegedly in force in Majorca at the moment.