The Fundació Deixalles may set up a branch in the Pollensa area shortly. The Foundation specialises in helping the marginalised by setting up workshops where rubbish is recycled and furniture and domestic appliances repaired and restored. Gabriel Cerdà, the Pollensa councillor in charge of the environment, is currently negotiating the cession of a municipal site on the Santüiri estate. The site is currently used as a rubbish dump and is full of old domestic appliances and broken furniture. Cerdà said that this had been allowed as a provisional measure to prevent people from dumping old furniture and appliances by the roadside. However, the council's idea is to fence it off and arrange with Deixalles to manage it as a rubbish ‘green’ spot, where material for recycling can be deposited. The Santüiri estate is off the old road from Pollensa to Alcudia. According to Cerdà, the council spends between 500'000 and 600'000 pesetas a month in getting rid of rubbish from the site.