UGT union bosses in the Balearics yesterday warned that the merger of power companies Endesa and Iberdrola will put some 400 jobs at risk in the Balearics. Endesa is the parent company for gas and electricity company GESA which powers the Balearics and the unions are worried that the merger will cost local jobs and livelihoods. A UGT union spokesperson yesterday slammed the proposed merger as a “negative” move. During this summer's power failures, which left Majorca and parts of Minorca with interrupted power supplies for over a week, the unions blamed GESA of having reduced the number of staff to the extent that maintenance was suffering and hence all the faults. The UGT pointed out yesterday that over the past three years GESA has slashed its work force from 2'200 employees to 1'300 and the union fears that GESA will have no problems with its conscience if it has to cut more jobs.