The village of Consell tomorrow will be paying tribute to one of their main fundraisers. John Douglas, five years ago, started the Consell car-boot sale which annually raises five million pesetas for the village. To show their gratitude the village will be naming a square after him, and on the Consell industrial site you will soon find the Plaza John Douglas. “I was completely stunned when I was told,” its a great honour said the expatriate Australian who retired to Consell 20 years ago. “You could probably count the foreigners who have had a square named after them on Majorca on one hand,” he said. “I think you can say that I am totally integrated into the village. When I walk into the local bar, I never have to pay for a drink. They are such kind people and it was a pleasure to organise the car-boot sale. While the local authorities are paying tribute to him his carboot sale will be taking place as usual. Much of the money which is raised goes to help the elderly folk in the village and there are even plans to build a home for them. John Douglas' tip for good relations with his Majorcan neighbours is to get involved with village life and become part of the community. His car-boot sale attracts thousands of people to the village and this has a knock-on affect on the local economy with bars and restaurants also increasing their takings. It has also helped put the village on the map. It may be Michael Douglas who gets all the headlines in Majorca but it is John Douglas from Australia who will have a lasting tribute for his efforts