Ciutadella consumes more water than any other community in the Balearics with the population using an average of 405 litres of water per day. The figures released yesterday by the Balearic Government's Director General for Water reveals that water consumption in Ciutadella is far higher than in the densely populated tourist resorts of Calvia and Palma where average daily consumption has been recorded at 305 and 280 litres respectively. As far as the Director General is concerned, 200 litres per day is an acceptable rate of consumption. But, the finger cannot be pointed at residents in Ciutadella, but instead at the water board which has ordered an urgent review of the supply network as an estimated 35 percent of the water supply is being lost through faults in the pipelines. However, at the same time, the government is considering introducing “progressive” water rates in Ciutadella in a bid to reduce overall consumption. But the Minorcan Hotel Association (Ashome) turned the tables on the local government yesterday in a letter to Chief Minister Francesc Antich, in which Ashome expressed its support for plans to build a desalination plant near Ciutadella. Ashome President, Francisco Mercadal, warned Antich that failure by the government to take action in Minorca to help solve the water problem would be “grossly irresponsible.”