The aircraft carrier Invincible will be open to the public, at the Dic de l'Oest.

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier Invincible will be sailing into Palma on October 31 for a courtesy visit. She will be mooring at the Dique del Oeste until November 5. She will be accompanied by the supply vessel Fort George which will anchor in the Bay of Palma. The Invincible will be open to the public on November 1 from 9.30a.m. until 4p.m. The Royal Navy's three aircraft carriers, Invincible, Illustrious and Ark Royal, with their aircraft offer a very potent form of sea power. They provide an excellent platform for command and control as well as extensive communications. This capability is complimented by the flexibility of the air group. Now, in addition to the advanced Sea Harrier FA2 fighter/attack aircraft, the aircraft carriers can carry RAF ground attack Harrier GR7s as well as a varied mix of military helicopters including the large Chinook support helicopters. The mix can be tailored to whatever the operation needs and can be sustained indefinitely, independent of host nation support. The Invincible has been involved in exercises in the Mediterranean and earlier this month her helicopters came to the rescue of the Greek ferry which sank with much loss of life. The carrier, which was the flagship of the Falklands task force, is due to be replaced over the next decade by two new aircraft carriers which are double the size and can carry up to 40 aircraft. The Invincible had been due to be sold to Australia before the Falklands war broke out but the sale was later cancelled. During her visit to Palma a large number of sporting activities have been organised for her crew including a soccer match. The last time the Invincible came to Palma her first XI played the Bulletin at football. The result was 12-0 to the visiting side so we doubt whether a re-match will be staged!