Two of the men charged with the murder of the 82-year-old Palma car hire company director, Pedro Estarellas, are being held in Palma prison, but guards are having to keep the two prime suspects apart as the alleged killer's accomplice fears his partner in crime will kill him. Sebastian B is the prime suspect in the murder case and along with Jose Maria C,M. who says that Sebastian has threatened him, are being held in prison, the remaining two of the four initially arrested were released on Sunday evening. The third male suspect, released on Sunday, told the court how Sebastain had telephoned him after the violent robbery and told him everything that had happened inside the 82-year-old's Palma flat on the night of October 20. Judicial sources believe that the reason why Sebastian has threatened Jose Maria is that his accomplice holds the key to the case. Sebastian is still denying he had anything to do with the murder. Jose Maria has told police that on the night of the murder, he stayed in the street, “keeping watch.” He is also said to have told police that his colleague had come up with the idea of robbing Estarellas's flat as the car hire tycoon kept money there. According to Jose Maria, Sebastian told him that if the victim did not “obey his order” he would “beat him.” Sebastian is maintaining his innocence, but police know that he knew the victim and are convinced he was the brains behind the robbery which turned tragically wrong. Police also found evidence at the murder scene that Jose Maria did go up to the flat - his finger prints were found and he was also found in the possession of one of the victim's credit cards the day after the murder.


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