Balearic public health service Insalud is to take possession of an extra 100 beds over the next few months in preparation for the annual flu outbreak, the director of Insalud for the Balearics, Javier Rodrigo de Santos, confirmed yesterday, but in the same breath, asked the public not to go rushing to casualty departments if they are suffering or suspect they are suffering from flu. De Santos yesterday announced that as well as the extra 100 beds, extra human resources and extra vital materials will have been taken on board by the end of December or start of January in order to combat the annual flu outbreak. This year's anti-flu operation will consist of two different approaches. The first is a preventative campaign with over 80'000 people, mainly elderly, set to receive information steps which can be taken in order to avoid the flu, the second involves a greater level of organisation and co-operation at all Insulad medical centres and 061 emergency service. But de Santos repeated and stressed over and over again yesterday, that people suffering from flu must not head straight to their nearest casualty unit, as has been the case year after year. De Santos said that all that is achieved is a breakdown in the casualty system - he said that people with flu should call 061 - whose medical teams are to be reinforced and they will provide the correct advice. De Santos said that 061 will either dispatch one of the new mobile units to treat the patient at home or direct the patient to the nearest PAC centre or to a local hospital if necessary.


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