The sign at Gorg Blau reservoir indicates just how high the water should be.

The current rain has managed to increase the level of water in Majorca's two reservoirs with the situation being slightly less critical than it was a few weeks ago when water levels were at just 13 per cent. Yesterday the reservoirs were at just over 19 per cent capacity and for the water board the forecast of more rain has come as sigh of relief - although yesterday's torrential rains failed to transpire and the flood alert was lifted last night. On Wednesday night, 115 litres of rain per square metre fell on Gorg Blau and so far this month the reservoirs have been lifted by total rainfall of 147 litres - but the November average is 200 litres. Last month was the wettest month with 368 litres of rain per square metre. But by the end of this year, the annual rainfall total of 970 litres will have been slightly higher than the 908 litres in 1999. However, according to the water board EMAYA, the amounts are still low and they hope that the rain persists through this autumn and winter.


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