Skase: to feature in film.

The on-going “chase for Skase,” the Andratx-based former Australian business tycoon who the Australian government have been battling to extradite for questioning in connection with the collapse of his media and leisure empire, is being made in to a feature film. Filming was due to have started in Perth, Australia at the end of last month with part of the movie to be made on location in Majorca where the drama has unfolded over the past ten years and especially since Christopher Skase successfully fought off an extradition attempt in 1994. According to sources in the Australian film industry, the film will be centred on the exploits of the son of one of Christopher Skase's creditors who is obsessed with kidnapping the former Australian media and leisure mogul. Movie industry sources report that Alex Dimitriades is to star with Lachy Hulme, his female opposite number, with the script written and directed by Matthew George. How factual the film will be remains to be seen, but over the years a number of kidnap plots have been rumoured and reported - on one occasion a top alternative Australian television chat show host walked the streets of Sydney raising money to fund as attempt to get Skase back to Australia. But both Christopher Skase, who is chronically ill with emphysema and has undergone at least three key-hole surgery operations on his lungs, and his wife Pixie have been the targets of kidnap attempts. There is no doubt, there is plenty of material for a movie. While Australians have been following the infamous “Chase for Skase” since 1994 and continual flow of Australian media nipping back and forth to Majorca in a bid to unearth any new stories about Skase who has recently moved from his former la Noria home in the port of Andratx.


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