The Guardia Civil and the drugs squad were last night deep in the midst of an investigation following the seizure of between 600 and 1'000 kilos of hashish on board a yacht called Piece of Cake in Callas de Mallorca in the municipality of Manacor. The Guardia Civil were yesterday keeping their investigation under wraps and were not wanting to give too much information away as the investigation is far from completed and the police believe that giving out information will be counterproductive at this stage. It appears that the yacht was intercepted On Tuesday night Wednesday morning when, according to sources close to the investigation, the yacht was located by the Guardia Civil in Cala Virgili, very close to Callas de Mallorca. Where the yacht was intercepted is an area difficult to access and off the beaten track and what remains to be confirmed by the police is whether or not the large shipment of hashish was destined for Majorca or bound for another destination. But wherever the hashish was destined the quick response from the Guardia Civil, and the GIFA fraud and anti-drugs squad prevented the traffickers from escaping with the hashish. The drugs squad spent all of yesterday morning and well into the afternoon combing the yacht in a search for all the hashish.


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