The Balearic government is in the process of translating the Autonomy Statutes into English and German, to enable foreign residents to become more familiar with how the islands are ruled. They will be published in a single volume which will include an introduction into the geography, history and laws of the islands, the full Catalan version of the Statutes and their translation into English and German. The initial print run will be 1'000 copies, at a cost of 1.3 million pesetas, although a second printing may be ordered if necessary. The book will be officially presented at the end of the year. The translation into German is the work of Josep Moll, and into English, Raquel Waters and Celina Isasi, at the proposal of the Balearic University. A government spokesman said that the Autonomy Statutes regulate the administration and define its responsibilities and the system of home rule, and as such have a “decisive influence on the lives of all residents.” He added that the government wanted to make the Statutes known to as many persons as possible. The spokesman said that the volume would also be presented at various European forums. In translating the statutes into English and German, the Balearic government is following in the footsteps of its Catalan counterpart, the Generalitat. The Catalan Statutes are already being translated into four or five foreign languages. The Balearic government chose English “because it is the universal language and the one used in the major international forums,” and German, because they form the biggest group of foreign residents, the spokesman said yesterday.


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