German car-hire king Hasso has officially presented his would-be bride in public. The 75-year-old tycoon had earlier placed an advertisement in various German newspapers pledging his whole fortune to the “right woman.” After being contacted by hundreds of women, Hasso now has just a few candidates, which include a 27-year-old Angolan student Wanda and another German woman. Rumours of his engagement proved premature but Hasso is confident. “I am not going to say that I am in love with him. I hope that in the future I will know him well enough to love him. He is a very nice man, and very respectful. I also admire his honesty, he told me that another woman would be travelling to the island later this month, who also has the same wish as I do, to marry him,” said Wanda, who was born in Angola. Hasso caused a storm last week after he said that he was getting divorced from his wife because women over the age of 30 smelt badly. Wanda is hopeful that she will soon become the next Mrs. Hasso. “She is a lovely girl and very attractive. And she has also told me that she likes wild animals, who are rather like me,” said the car-hire king who has his own private zoo at his Palma home. As regards his ex-wife he said “I haven't heard anything from her....I pay her a pension every month. The 75-year-old cracked open a bottle of the finest French champagne to drink with the would-be candidate.


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