Home is where the heart is, goes the old saying - and it's also the best place for a holiday for British estate agents. A third of UK property dealers are so devoted to checking out other people's décor that their ideal sunshine break is as a guest in a local's house on a “homestay” abroad, according to new research from Thomson Holidays. As Brits get to work on plans for their festive break, Thomson, the UK's number one tour operator, highlights how our professions can dictate our choice of holiday destinations and activities. Estate agents feeling insecure about their low ranking in the popularity polls seek comfort in their colleagues - they prefer holidaying with their workmates more than any other occupation. Meanwhile, secretaries are one of the most well-travelled professions: 38 percent go abroad at least three times per year. And they may do shorthand in work time, but they certainly don't do short haul when it comes to their free time, as farflung destinations such as Mexico, Thailand and Barbados are most popular amongst PAs. And, according to the Thomson research, those with a head for figures also have a good head for heights. One in four accountants like to live life on the edge, with rock-climbing, ski-ing and snow-boarding counted as their favourite holiday pastimes. Rather less surprisingly, media types live up to their “work hard, play very hard” image even when on holiday. A massive 82 percent of journalists and PR's reveal their ideal activity would be wine-tasting, and two thirds of them rate bar hopping as a favourite way to pass their time on holiday. Meanwhile, one in six lawyers are taking a leaf out of John Grisham's thrilling legal action novels by relaxing on the beach with a blockbuster. Alternatively, when it comes to partying, the medical profession is at the heart of the action: 45 percent of busy nurses leave the wards behind to get their pulses racing in the clubs of Ibiza. Other professions quizzed by Thomson take more of a busman's holiday on their sunshine break. Teachers keep it in the classroom, as 52 percent say they enjoy learning the language of their destination. One in five chefs swap the heat of the hob to chill out in the Algarve and a third say sampling the local cuisine is their favourite holiday activity.


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