According to Palma residents, the city is the fifth dirtiest in Spain and according to the city council the blame lies with the enormous amount of building work and the, alleged, three million tourists who visit the capital. While on the face of things, the general public are tired of all the building work which seems to never end, city shopkeepers have called on the Mayor of Palma, Joan Fageda, to take into account the financial cost the Pla Mirall “beautification” plan has had on their incomes. With talk of recession and the Balearic economic growth set to slow in the coming year, city shopkeepers want the Mayor to help ease the financial burden caused by the continual building works. The combination of a lack of parking, traffic congestion and carefully negotiating the building works in the capital have only served to force consumers to head to the superstores, where they can park, find everything under one roof and no building work. Some shopkeepers have complained that takings have fallen by as much as 40 per cent because of construction work in their streets and that when shoppers do enter their store, they bring all the dirt and dust in off the street. Since the dirty Palma report was published, the city council and the Mayor have come under fire from all sectors to clean up the city and quickly as the report has already damaged the capital's image and has brought a number of other problems out in to the open - such as the frustration within the commercial sector.


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