This week the Palma High Court ruled that Skase, who has recently been in hospital after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, is to be told to leave Spain. The Central Government Delegate Catalina Cirer confirmed yesterday that she has been unofficially informed. Once she has received all official notification and the high court ruling, an expulsion order, which was first served in February, 1999, will be made “operative” and Skase will have to leave the country. Furthermore, in accordance with the ruling, all previous restrictions put on Skase's expulsion, will be lifted. Official sources said yesterday that it could be a “matter of days or weeks.” Skase's last two appeals against expulsion have been rejected and as far as the Balearic judiciary is concerned, the Skase case is apparently closed. Skase does have what has been described as a “slim” avenue of appeal to the Constitutional Court of Appeal in Madrid, on the grounds that his fundamental rights have been abused. Cirer said yesterday that he also has the right to appeal to the Court of Human Rights in Brussels - an avenue Skase has threatened to embark on in the past. But even if appeals are accepted, his expulsion could still go ahead and Skase will have to fight the appeals from his new home. Cirer said yesterday, however, that as far as she is aware, Skase has made no appeal to the Constitutional Court of Appeal in Madrid. Since the expulsion order was first served in 1999, the National Police have been awaiting further orders from central government. The worst scenario for Skase would be being put under house arrest, once the order is operative and until he leaves the country. He will also have to be accompanied by his wife Pixie. The Spanish authorities tried to block her re-entry into Spain last year, but on appeal, she was granted permission to be in Spain as long as her sick husband remains in Majorca. The lifting of the previous restrictions surrounding any moves to deport Skase means that the way is now open for Skase to be expelled to his ”country of origin” which is now the Commonwealth of Dominica.


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