The two bodies found in Son Banya on Saturday night, and suspected to have been the victims of a gang land execution, could belong to two Asian men, possibly Chinese, according to police investigating the double crime. The two victims were shot before the killers set the building in Son Banya alight in order to remove any evidence. Police sources said yesterday that identifying the two victims is proving extremely difficult because both the bodies were severely burnt. But yesterday's autopsies suggest that the victims may be Chinese and that they were probably both shot at the scene of the fire as the walls were stained with large amounts of blood. Police are convinced that the killings were a settling of differences between drug traffickers. Son Banya is a drugs den and police suspect the Chinese pair could have been killed for trying to move into the Son Banya narcotics market. Police are questioning a number of people, known to have connections with the under world, in Son Banya and also trying to trace the owner of a BMW found near the scene.


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