Christopher Skase has been declared an undesirable alien by Spain because of his affect on Spain/Australian relations. The Spanish government's view is that they would like to see him leave Spain as soon as possible. Presently, an expulsion order has been served on the Puerto Andratx former business and leisure tycoon. But, if Skase doesn't leave on his own free will, then it could be a long drawn-out process which might take up to three years. “Firstly we have to find a country who is willing to take a person that we don't want. The easiest option would be to be send him to the Commonwealth of Dominica (the Carribean state which Skase is now a national of),” a Spanish government source said yesterday. “Mr. Skase's residence permit has been denied and therefore as in all cases he will have to leave the country. “If he doesn't leave then we will have no option but to literally expel him from the country.” The Spanish government has been working closely with their Australian counterparts in the so-called Chase for Skase. The Puerto Andratx businessman successfully fought off an extradition attempt by the Australian government on the grounds that “he was too ill to travel at that time.” The Skase camp appears to be appealing the expulsion order on humanitarian grounds. Skase also has other avenues of appeal. Christopher Skase moved to Majorca in the early 1990s. He has since fought a 10 year battle with the Australian and Spanish authorities. “His legal bills, must be enormous,” said the government source.


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