The Balearic government yesterday unveiled a new helicopter emergency rescue service for the island. The new emergency service will be operated by the German company HELI-MED in association with the 112 emergency telephone service. The private enterprise HELI-MED has taken the initiative to introduce the service in Majorca after a case study revealed that casualties sometimes have to wait for hours to be rescued. The average waiting time frequently exceeds one hour; in a situation when every minute counts. In comparison, and thanks to rescue aircraft, the average waiting time in Germany only comes to approx. six minutes; with good reason: during a rescue operation it is the time factor that takes priority in the decision on whether permanent damages will be suffered, or worse, whether death can be prevented. HELI-MED wants to put an end to this alarming and highly dangerous state of affairs. No matter if it is a diving accident, a car crash, or even a heart attack, the HELI-MED team will be on the spot within minutes with their ultra-modern helicopter and the costs of operating the service in Majorca will be covered by the insurance companies.


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