The Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, who is heading to Spain for top level talks about the future of Andratx-based former Australian business tycoon Christopher Skase next week will be eager to know what happens next after the Constitutional Tribunal in Madrid yesterday confirmed that Skase has appealed against the Palma High Court's expulsion ruling. As expected Skase has used what is thought to be his last “slim” avenue of appeal in Spain, appealing on grounds that his fundamental rights have been abused. Whether of not the Tribunal will hear the appeal remains to be seen. The rule of thumb is that the tribunal only hears five per cent of appeals and they have “got to be good,” according to Spanish government sources. The fact that the appeal has been lodged will not hamper the expulsion process, but that has been complicated by Skase's medical condition. Skase also has a second avenue of appeal and this is the Court of Human Rights in Brussels. Three years ago Skase told the Bulletin that he had a team of European lawyers preparing his case, which can only suggest that Skase will take his case to Brussels.


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