Over 40 firemen took part in the operation.

Disaster struck again over the weekend when a fierce fire destroyed a chain of four warehouses and damaged a further six on the Son Castello industrial estate in Palma. The alarm was raised at 10.30pm and fire crews were on the scene almost immediately as there is a fire station on the industrial estate. But it appears that the fire had actually started four hours earlier inside one of the warehouses, but the alarm was not raised until flames were spotted as they started to lick through the roof and doors. One of the warehouse contained flammable material which helped to fuel the blaze. The fire destroyed a carpentry and a store house which sold dried meats, but the flames also spread to the rear of the building, completely destroying one warehouse and seriously damaging another. Police and fire investigators returned to the scene and spent most of the day examining the damage yesterday, but the exact cause of the fire remains to be confirmed. But initial reports suggest that the cause was a short circuit. Over 40 firemen took part in the operation and many fought the flames throughout the night. While teams battled to extinguish the blaze others raced against the clock to stop the flames from spreading any further.


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