The Balearic government's drive to encourage more people to use the train appears to be have been successful, with figures showing an increase in passengers on the Palma-Inca-Sa Pobla line of 18 percent. The new section between Inca and Sa Pobla was opened in January. An estimated 155'000 people used the train last month, a figure which shows that the train company has still a long way to go. The breakdown is as follows: Palma to Inca (147'000 passengers), Inca-Sa Pobla (7'500). The most popular route is Palma to Pont d'Inca and Marratxi, a further sign that people living in Inca and Sa Pobla have still not caught the “train bug”. But overall the government was pleased with the figures yesterday and a spokesman said that he hoped the trend would continue. The local government-train company is planning to introduce a series of new tickets, a day return and a monthly return. The latter will cost between 3'800 pesetas and 12'400 depending on the amount of use. The day return is priced at 900 pesetas for adults while children under the age of 12 go free. These new tickets, especially the day return, are aimed at holidaymakers.