The Palma-based Spanish airline Spanair has poured cold water over recent rumours that the airline was planning to move its headquarters to the mainland and Spanair chairman, Gonzalo Pascual, waged a new war on flight delays in Madrid this week and promised more room on his flights. “Spanair is second to none,” Pascual said and made it quite clear that neither are is passengers. He denied that Spanair is making more room on the flights because of the current psychosis over “economy syndrome.” Pascual said that only passengers on long haul flights are at risk “providing you don't sit with your knees pressed against the seat in front.” More room is all part of the airline's drive to boost quality, comfort and punctuality. In a bid to improve and guarantee that flights operate on time, Pascual announced an ambitious new offer to passengers. From February 12, passengers forced to endure a delay of more than 15 minutes will receive a free ticket for another flight and a refund on their ticket. Pascual knows the move is a gamble and potentially costly, but he wants the airline to take full responsibility and make “no apologies.” “This is a good moment for the company to launch the best promotion to date, to be on time, which will win further consumer confidence,” he said.