In the Balearics there are an estimated 220 alternative adult clubs and around 1'200 women working as prostitutes in the clubs and on the streets, according to the results of a report presented yesterday by Sa Nostra bank's Social and Economic Studies department. The bank, in connection with local care and religious institutions, has been analysing the different situations involving female prostitutes and the various religious services which offer health and social information to prostitutes with the aim of eventually being able to return prostitutes to the workplace. The group has also been looking at physical abuse of women and measures which can be adopted to reduce the number of cases. The SADIF sheltered housing for women and families organisation said yesterday that over the past three years, it has been able to gain a better insight into the problems of physical abuse, while at the same time the number of incidents have tragically increased. According to SADIF, the number of women seeking help with their partners has fallen, while the number of women looking for shelter from their partner has increased. The prostitution problem, especially in Palma, is not only a major concern for private institutions but also the general public. The mayor of Palma has until the end of this month to resolve the problem in the heart of the capital otherwise thousands of residents are threatening to take their protest out onto the streets.