The 40-year-old man accused of stabbing his ex-wife nine times, was last night being held on remand in Palma prison. As he was led away from Manacor courts by police after further questioning yesterday morning he proclaimed “I don't remember anything about what happened that morning, but I know something happened.” Juan C. was yesterday interviewed by Guardia Civil Judicial Police in Manacor before appearing before a preliminary hearing. The accused claims that he has suffered from severe “shock” by having to try and recall events last Sunday morning at his ex-wife's home in Cala Bona. But he can remember that something “awful” happened. After hearing the accused's statement, the Manacor magistrate ordered that the 40-year-old be held on remand in Palma prison. Also giving evidence at the hearing were the suspect's daughter and nephew, who were both in the house at the time of the multiple stabbing. According to judicial sources, they told the court that Juan C. arrived at the house last Sunday morning armed with a knife and stabbed his ex-wife, Isabel Maria Linsa aged 38, a number of times, and she ended up in the bath lying in a large pool of blood. Yesterday the victim, who is the director of the Hotel Esperanza Mar, was moved into a private room at Manacor hospital where she has been recovering for the past two days. Her family, it appears, is also preparing a private prosecution case. Sunday's attack has left local women's rights groups angry and frustrated. Last month all their attention was centered on launching new campaigns against physical abuse of women after a Palma woman was burnt to death.