The Palma city council has agreed to pay a woman more than 2.8 million pesetas in compensation, for injuries sustained when she fell in Plaza Cort, due to the poor state of repair of the pavement. The accident occurred on March 28, 1996, when the woman, named only as C B P, tripped and fell because two flagstones were missing. She presented a claim for compensation to cover medical and convalesence costs immediately after the accident, but this was rejected. The woman then went to court, but the action was called off after the city council agreed to negotiate, however it has taken more than two years to reach agreement. The announcement that the council has agreed to pay compensation comes shortly after a court ruled that it had to pay compensation to a moped rider who was injured when he skidded on wax on the road, following the Easter processions. The council claimed it wasn't responsible as it had posted warning signs, but the court rejected its arguments. The council fears a spate of claims, given the number of road works in the city.