Everybody who took part in front and behind the cameras for the second series of Passport to the Sun has played a part in the company which produced the series, Lion Television, being awarded Best Independent Production Company by the UK television industry magazine Broadcast. While obviously the praise goes to those who produced, directed and shot the series, which is currently mid-way through the second series on BBC1, with the first series still being repeated on the satellite network. In addition all of the British residents in Majorca who were featured in the series have helped to make the daily doses of life in Majorca so addictive for an average two million viewers a day. The competition was stiff and Lion Television sources admitted yesterday that they were somewhat surprised when they were named as winners. Lion TV, which also produced the hugely successful Castaways, as well as Paddington Green and Boston Law, to name just a few, was up againat the producers of Big Brother, Ready Steady Cook, Naked Chef, Changing Rooms and Ground Force, all of which are some of the most popular and audience grabbing series on British television. For the past few Tuesdays, Lion TV has had no less than four of its productions showing on the BBC. Response to this second series of Passport to the Sun has been as good if not better - than the first and there has been a greater level of response from the public.