Balearic butchers are feeling the pinch and sales of beef are nearing the bone, with some reports suggesting that there has been a 70 per cent drop in sales. The president of the Balearic butchers' association, Jaume Aguilo, yesterday asked the Balearic Ministers for Health, Aina Salom, and Commerce, Pere Sampol, for all their help in order to try and calm the consumer fears caused by the mad cow crisis. Aguilo made his plea during talks with Ministers yesterday and said that members of his association are extremely concerned about the situation. In a bid to try and save the local beef market, Aguilo asked the Health Minister for all the information about mad cow available and all the department's help as butchers are going to try and launch their own campaign to stop beef sales dropping any further. However, with horse meat having appeared on the stalls at Palma markets this week, it appears that some butchers may be following the example of their colleagues on the mainland. In Madrid, for example, Zebra, Crocodile, Kudu and Kangaroo are on sale and not just at the butchers. The exotic meats are becoming fashionable in the capital's trendy restaurants and restaurateurs across the country are slowly following the trend.