A nation-wide strike in the building trade has been called for March 2, to protest at the high rate of accidents at work. In Palma, union spokesman Eusebio Ramon said that the authorities should take immediate action. The Balearics have one of the highest rates of accidents at work in Spain, and no fewer than six workers have died in recent months. Despite this, and campaigns by the local ministry of labour, only two construction sites were ordered to close because of accident risks last year. This was the lowest figure in Spain. It compares badly with Aragon (34 sites closed), Asturias (27) and Cantabria (77). Ramon and fellow spokesman Rogelio Marin said that building bosses who did not apply the law for the prevention of accidents and provide adequate safety measures were “delinquents.” They added that they were unscrupulous and were just out to make a quick buck.