Victim of Jaime III bus collision.

A 17-year-old became the 22nd victim to have died on Majorca's roads this year when she was knocked down and killed in the centre of Palma yesterday. Yolanda Riera Perez was apparently knocked down at 7am riding her scooter along calle General Riera by a lorry and an 18-year-old friend riding pillion was also injured in the collision which eye witnesses described as “fierce.” A number of people rushed to the aid of the two teenagers left writhing in pain in the middle of the road while others contacted the police. Two ambulances reached the scene immediately and it was when paramedics examined Yolanda that they realised her life was in danger as she was in a critical condition. Paramedics tried artificial respiration and managed to bring Yolanda round again in order to rush her to Son Dureta hospital. Tragically at 11am, Son Dureta confirmed that the 17-year-old had passed away as doctors battled to save her life. The Local Police said yesterday that the truck driver escaped uninjured and a full investigation into the accident has been launched in order to ascertain exactly what happened.Elsewhere in the capital, another woman on a moped was knocked down in Jaime III at mid day after being involved in a collision with an EMT public bus. While what exactly happened remains to be confirmed, the scooter rider escaped with her life and only needed to be treated at a local clinic, where medical sources said her injuries were not serious. Police are becoming increasingly frustrated with the safety problems on the roads in Majorca this year. Yesterday's fatal collision in front of hundreds of people going to work has prompted fresh calls for traffic patrols to be boosted in the city centre.