This month has been one of the worst months on record for the number of road deaths in Majorca. Just over half way through the month, and there have been 12 road deaths over the past 16 days, nearly one a day. The latest death was registered late on Thursday night in Palma, where two other people had been knocked down, one killed, earlier in the day. On Thursday night, a 29-year-old was knocked down and killed by a vehcile as he was crossing Paseo Sagrera. The victim, identified as Emilio Marc Ignacio, was hit by a white Seat, heading in the direction of Calvia. Apparently, the driver had not seen the pedestrian until it was too late and was unable to swerve. According to the police, the impact was so fierce that the 29-year-old died at the scene. When police reached the scene, it was apparent that the young man had been knocked down in front of a number of family members and there was a great sense of hysteria. Paramedics were at the scene within minutes, but there was nothing that could have been done to save the young man's life.