Priam Villalonga yesterday took the oath as he was sworn in as the new Balearic Minister for Innovation and Energy, replacing Misericordia Ramon who resigned on Friday. But while the new Minister said that he had no plans for a inter-departmental shake-up, Balearic Chief Minister Francesc Antich, clearly stated that the Ramon case is over and that there will be no more cabinet changes for the time being. Antich also announced that all of the government's contracts will be revised. Antich admitted that he neither knew the contents of the contract Ramon signed with the former manager of the Parc Bit technology park, nor that Ramon knew exactly what she was signing - which technically could have cost the Balearic government 112 million pesetas - had an agreement between the two parties not been reached. Antich also denied that it was the opposition Partido Popular's calls for Ramon's resignation which broke the camel's back. Antich said that the issue surfaced a month ago and since then has been investigated.