The PP (Popular Party) on the Calvia council complained yesterday about the strong smell from the drains along the Paguera boulevard. It also complained of the state of traffic and the lack of parking facilities in the popular resort. In a communique, the party said that its chairman for Calvia and the party's spokesman on the council recently visited shopkeepers in the area, and listened to their complaints, the chief of which was the smell from the drains. The party also criticised the council's policy of improving the area. The spokesman said it was not enough to demolish one or two buildings. A use must be found for the land which is recovered in this way, and he accused the council of having forgotten this. A German couple suing a Majorcan hotel after a swimming pool accident which left their son in a coma have lost their case, as the court has ruled the hotel was not to blame. The accident occurred in the early hours of July 24, 1996, at a hotel in Arenal. The minor, who was not a guest of the hotel, entered the establishment with a group of friends. At that time of night the pool was closed, but the tourists entered via the fire escape. The minor, who according to medical reports was drunk, dived into the pool and almost drowned. He was rescued but lapsed into a coma. The boy's parents were seeking an indemnity of 120 million pesetas, but the court ruled that the accident was the victim's fault and the hotel was not to blame.