The El Terreno Residents Association has presented Palma City Council with a series of ideas and projects aimed at cleaning up the neighbourhood which some resident claims has been left to crumble over the past decade as has the local neighbourhood's quality of life. Over the past week the results of a cultural and socio-economic study were made public and based on the findings, the set of proposals have been collated. They range from tackling the noise from bars in the area, many of which do not posses the required licences, to improving standards of hygiene and public safety. Residents also want to see the Aido Dolça sports centre and swimming pool renovated and re-opened. Plans for more parking and green zones have been put to the council as has a plan for the general improvement of buildings, streets, lighting and municipal services in the neighbourhood. Residents also want the now abandoned access paths down to the sea front to be repaired and returned to use.