The Andratx-based former Australian business tycoon, Christopher Skase, desperately wanted for questioning by the Australian authorities (more than ever now with a general election nearing) in connection with the collapse of his business empire at the end of the 80*s, has spent the past three weeks in and out of a Palma clinic undergoing a second operation for stomach cancer and more recently, treatment for severe problems with his gall bladder. But while the Australian authorities appear to now partly recognise that Skase is seriously ill - the authorities have turned their attention on Skase's Majorca-based son-in-law, Tony Larkins, in an attempt to step up the pressure on the Skase camp - which as far as the family is concerned, is more concerned with trying to keep Skase alive. Larkins has brought up his family in Majorca over the past ten years, but he has been subpoenaed to appear at a Federal Court bankruptcy examination into Mr Skase's financial position this Tuesday. The bankruptcy trustee Max Donnelly, who has apparently circumnavigated the globe a number of times in the hunt for hidden Skase assets, albeit unsuccessfully, believes that Larkins is now the key to Skase's money. Donnelly wants to interview Larkins about his father-in-law's business dealings and should Larkins fail to appear, Donnelly has said that he will apply for an arrest warrant.