Well, after tonight, the carnival masks will be put away for another year, as Lent starts tomorrow. This year it was a chilly affair, as the weather did not collaborate, putting a damper on the plans of many people who had spent weeks if not months working on their floats and costumes. All the same, many people put on a brave face and defied the elements on Sunday. Hundreds of tiny tots had gathered in Palma's Borne for Sa Rueta, the annual children's parade, where they were joined by Mayor Joan Fageda, sporting a traditional Spanish cape and hat and escorting his grand-daughter, and government representative Catalina Cirer, dressed as a page, with her two daughters, who were also in fancy dress. The sun was shining, the bands had started to play and the games were starting when there was a sudden build-up of cloud and the heavens opened. It was a double disappointment for the children as last month, their party for the San Sebastian fiestas was also cancelled because of the rain. However, things cleared up in the afternoon, and Rua took place with 25 floats and 42 groups. The prize for best float went to Ice Cream and Sponge Cake, and for groups, Ice Cream Tubs.