While the former Australian business tycoon Christopher Skase battles chronic health problems, his son-in-law Tony Larkins, who also lives in Majorca, has become the second member of the family to have been branded a “fugitive” by the Australian federal court, which yesterday issued a warrant for his arrest. Larkins had been due to appear before a Sydney registrar for a bankruptcy examination yesterday. He was due to answer questions under oath about Skase's business dealings. Larkins is believed by the trustee for the bankruptcy of Skase's leisure and media empire, to be “one of the most important people that holds the key to Skase finances.” Creditors are trying to trace million of dollars worth of assets they believe are stashed abroad. The bankruptcy at the end of the 80s left corporate debts of $A1.5 billion. Steven Finch, acting for trustees, told the hearing that Larkins has been issued with a summons to attend the examinations as he was leaving Australia to return to Majorca on November 5, last year. The trustees had taken the precaution of positioning a summons at each point of exit from Australia after Larkins had apparently agreed to attend a informal meeting on November 6. Larkins has indicated that he would travel to Australia from Palma to attend the proceedings, but has been unable to do so because of work commitments. Last month his wife Amanda told of how Skase's assets in Majorca are non existent and that Skase and his wife Pixie do not even own the house they are “house sitting” for friends - hence Larkins's need to work as the alleged “millions” appear to be running rather low.