A british woman is pressing charges of medical negligence against staff at the emergency ward of Son Dureta hospital, following the death of her husband last December. The complaint has been filed in court and a judge has asked Son Dureta for the medical records for the patient, Leslie P, aged 54, who was admitted to Son Dureta on December 22, with severe back pain, which he had been suffering since the day before. His widow said that three hours after arriving at the emergency ward, two ecographs were taken and the doctor told her that he thought her husband had suffered a muscular spasm which had pinched the sciatic nerve. He was put on a drip, although the doctor said that the medication would not take effect for another three hours. According to his widow, the pain did not remit after this time, but got stronger. In the meantime, the patient was on a bed in one of the corridors of the emergency ward. She asked the doctors to administer a sedative, which was not done. She says she had to leave the hospital at 10pm, although she wanted to stay with her husband, who did not speak Spanish. When she returned the following morning, she was shocked to see the state of her husband, who was still in the emergency ward corridor. She said he was in great pain and barely knew her. Although she asked for help, it was 45 minutes before her husband was admitted to Intensive Care. According to the complaint, at 11am the following morning, the doctor in the intensive care unit said that if the patient had been moved earlier, he would not be in such a serious condition. That same afternoon, the family was told that he was dying, possibly because of a kidney lesion, and the only chance was an operation, although they were warned of the danger of the patient dying on the operating table, which is what occurred.


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