Balearic citizens have the second largest sexual appetite and are the second most sexually active in Spain, according to the results of a survey released yesterday. The survey, carried out be a leading brand of contraceptives, has revealed that, on average, people aged 16 and over in the Balearics have sex 104 times per year, just over once every three days. Only the Valencian population is more sexually active claiming to have sex an average of 125 times a year. But, the level of infidelity and promiscuity is one of the highest in Spain. In the Balearics, only 13 per cent admitted to being unfaithfull. Apparently, on average, the Spanish nation has sex 90 times a year, so the Balearics and Valencia are well above the national average. Madrid appear to have life toughest, with an average rate of 83 times per year. The most sexually active age group is apparently the 35 to 44-year-old section of the population, followed by the 25 to 34 age group. Taking the nation as a whole, nearly seven out of ten Spaniards have sex once a week while two per cent claim that they have sex every day. What is more, nearly a quarter of Spain, 21 per cent of the nation admits to being unfaithfull - but in the Balearics the figure is the lowest, just 13 per cent - apparently. This is in stark contrast to Andalucia where 45 per cent admit to cheating on their partner and having more than one relationship at the same time. Andalucia is also the most promiscuous part of Spain with the majority of the population claiming to have had an average of 10.9 partners during their life so far. The national average is 5.5. With all this sexual activity, it appears that the Spanish are becoming increasingly adventurous. While 91 per cent said that their favourite place is in bed, 68 per cent did admit to preferring their car and 50 per cent to having experimented in the bath. 39 per cent would rather slip along to the beach, which poses no problem in the Balearics whereas the 16 per cent who prefer the swimming pool would not be short of locations either. The high taxi rates in Palma will do little to excite the two per cent whose favourite place is in the back of a cab and one per cent said that their preferred location was in an aeroplane - but no doubt Palma customs officials on foot-and-mouth patrols will get a shock should they ask “honest John” if he has got anything to declare.


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