“Green cops” in protest

Earlier this week, the Son Servera police dyed their hair blond to press their pay claims, but yesterday, their colleagues in Palma went one step further - they dyed their hair green, blue or red. The reason was the same: to back pay claims. And they took this drastic step because they cannot go on strike. They are demanding back pay for overtime, which in some cases comes to half a million pesetas. The reactions from the public were, on the whole, good humoured. “It looks as though they're making a film about Martians,” said one man who had gone to the San Fernando police station to pay a fine and came face to face with two officers with green hair. “Will they go out and chase delinquents or regulate traffic looking like that?” asked another. And a third said “it's obvious we're giving a pathetic image to tourists, and the council should not allow it.” Most of the police officers themselves are a bit embarrassed with their new look, which they insist has nothing to do with the unions. But, they say, they have been left with no choice.


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