The Balearics injects more money into the European Union than any other region, but, apart from Madrid, receives the least in return. On average, some 44'335 pesetas is destined per person in the Balearics to the European Union every year with the Spanish national average of well under half that at 19'238 pesetas. Even in Madrid, the figure is just 22'389 per capita. The figures were unveiled in the Balearic parliament by the Green Party MP Juan Buades who also announced that while Balearic citizens are ploughing money into the European Union, during the period 1993 to 1996, the average return per person was 14'028 pesetas - with the Spanish national average being 38'223 pesetas. Buades said that the European Union considers the Balearics to be a “rich region where everybody lives well” and as a result receives little money in return. He called on central government to join forces with autonomous governments in order to lobby Brussels for a more just return on money paid into the European Union especially for the Balearics.


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