A rail link between Palma's Son San Joan airport and the centre of the city has taken a step closer to becoming a reality in the not too distant future. The Balearic government is currently studying three different projects, each of which, according to the Balearic Minister for Public Works, Josep Antoni Ferrer, will originate in Plaza de España. The three differing projects relate to which route the rail link will follow out of the city centre to the airport. One option would take the link along the Inca road, another is that the track would exit the city at the same point as the Manacor road and the third alternative would take the link as close to the sea as possible, leading out of the city centre near the GESA building. The viability study which has been ordered by the Minister also involves the possibility of installing an underground metro which would run under the length of the city centre and not breach the surface until the other side of the Via Cintura ring road. While no decision has been taken yet, it appears that the Minister for Public Works prefers the metro idea and envisages an underground service eventually being developed in Palma with various stops along the link between the city and the airport.


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