The Inca Local Police yesterday unveiled a campaign aimed at promoting domestic animal hygiene. The age of the poop-scoop has arrived in Inca and the Local Police intend to enforce the drive to encourage pet owners to improve their animal's habits and to clean up after their dog in public places. After trials in Palma over the past two years, it appears that too many folk in Inca, a town famous for its shoe making, have stepped in an unexpected surprise. The police announced yesterday that each house in Inca is to receive a leaflet explaining the campaign and how dog owners are expected to conduct themselves, and their best friend, in the future in order to help clean up the town. Posters will be put up in key strategic points, such as supermarkets and special plastic pet toiletry bags (poop scoops) will be made available at the Town Hall and local police stations. Chief of Local Police, Baltasar Perelló, warned yesterday that pet owners will face fines of between 10'000 and 250'000 pesetas on behalf of their wayward pet if the new regulations are not complied with. Perelló said the campaign has coincided with the arrival of the good weather, when more people come out to walk their dogs.


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