Public concern over mad cow in Spain is starting to wane, but the latest survey by the Centre for Sociological Investigations has revealed that the main concerns for the majority of the population are terrorism and domestic violence. Immigration is also becoming a greater and greater key issue, but 75 per cent of the population are primarily worried about terrorism, far more so than the mad cow crisis, although sales of beef across the country have yet to show signs of recovering and 38 per cent of the population claim to be “very concerned” about mad cow - 33 per cent believe the government has the problem under control. In stark contrast, 74 per cent of the population believes that domestic violence is far too common and 60 per cent say that there are too many cases of physical child abuse. Two thirds of the population blame drug abuse for most cases of domestic violence and 60 per cent claim that alcoholism is another common cause. With regards to the economy, 34 per cent still believe that the economy is in good shape and are confident that the economy will continue to develop at its present rate. Only a quarter of the country are happy with the current political climate though and 19 per cent say the situation is “bad” or “very bad.”


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