The 23-year-old woman reported missing on Thursday night near Manacor, was last night back home with her family after being found “in a state of shock.” She was found by a volunteer just 50 metres away from where they had located her car late on Thursday night along the road between Porto Cristo and Son Crespi. According to the police, who found Maria Sureda Gil, there were no visible signs of any physical injuries, just a graze on one of her legs, but nevertheless she was taken to Manacor hospital for a check up. Over a hundred volunteers joined the search, which also involved police with tracker dogs, for the second consecutive day yesterday. Police confirmed on Friday that she had made a series of calls on her mobile, one to the police, calling for help and claiming she was being kidnapped. Yesterday, various friends told of how they had received text messages reading “S.O.S” and “socorro” (help) and “kidnap call the police” messages on their mobiles. Police also revealed yesterday that when they found the car, there were no signs of a struggle and that one of the front seats was reclined. Maria Sureda had gone out on Thursday after finishing work with friends to two bars in the village of Sant Llorenç. In one of the bars she told her companions that she was “very nervous” because she was being followed by a Moroccan with a knife, a claim she had apparently made a few days earlier. She then left the bar to drive home to the family's house in the country down a rarely used rural lane but that was the last to have been seen of her until yesterday afternoon.


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