“Passport to the Sun” producer Melanie Darlaston yesterday spoke about the forthcoming series and what the programme aims to achieve. Melanie and her team are here on Majorca for a few days to scout out some interesting people for the show. She will be featuring both visitors to the island, as well as focusing on staple characters in the 40, half-hour programmes. Some of the old favourite characters from last year's series will be revisited and viewers will have the chance to see what has happened in their lives over the winter. Passport to the Sun is looking for people with a story to tell. Melanie wants to take viewers through the whole spectrum of British people who live on and visit the island...from the quiet retired couple in the mountains to the rowdy football fans in Magalluf. Fronting the series will again be Nadia Swalaha. Melanie was full of praise for the abilities of the presenter, saying that she is very adept at relaxing people in interviews and is full of enthusiasm and genuine interest for the people she meets.


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