The water shortage problem on Majorca has raised its ugly head again as homeowners in Algaida have nothing in their taps four days a week. Derek Ramage from Algaida turned on his tap on Monday morning and nothing happened. He called the water supplier “J R International” and was told that the water on Majorca was running out. Derek Ramage is one of the lucky few, he has built his own water tank and can supply his home from his own store. J R International have informed him that they can only supply him with water three days a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. For six months last summer, residents suffered the same problems. There was no water at all for almost two months and the supplier had to dig another well to try and increase their levels. Christina Rames from J R International said yesterday “every summer there is not enough water for people on the island. “We cannot do anything about it”. She continued to say that this year there is less water than previous years. On the three days they can supply water, it is only for 6-8 hours as opposed to the whole day in last year's drought. “We can't supply any more water than this because it will be brown and then the customers complain. We want to supply quality water and this is the only way we can”. The company has three wells but is rationing early to ensure it has enough for the whole summer. Water shortage is a constant worry on the island of Majorca, as the influx of thousands of tourists drains the island's resources. Rainfall here is not a common occurrence and this year has been slightly less than usual. The message is clear: save the water you have as much as possible because there may not be enough to go round. Yesterday Calvia Council announced that technical repairs carried out at the Palma desalination plant was the reason for the drop in water pressures in the municipality yesterday. Palma desalination plant was shut down by engineers for the day and Calvia council also carried out maintenance work at one of the municipality's wells as Ses Algorfes.