Later this summer some of the world's most respected archaeologists and prehistory experts will gather in Deya for an international conference. The conference, which is to be held from September 13 to 18 in Deya, has been organised by William Waldren, who is an Oxford University educated doctor in Archaeology and Prehistory. The conference World's Islands in Prehistory 2001 will be attended by more than 70 experts from as far afield as the United States, Australia and across Europe. Waldren, who has organised the conference with his wife Jacqueline and the director of the National Museum in Rotterdam, Dr Reummer, said yesterday that the archaeological analysis of fossils and prehistory provides important evidence and information about past climatalogical conditions on islands which could be applied today and in the future to detect environmental change in the world in general. In the introduction to the conference, Waldren writes “islands are idiosyncratic by nature, showing great variability in material resources, in life forms and human societies they nurtured and developed throughout time. Their inherent and immense variability in size, geographic location and mainland proximity, geology and natural resources guarantees their individuality.”


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