The taxman is speeding up the payment of income tax rebates in the Balearics, according to head of the tax office Ignacio Fernandez Alegria. He was speaking during a visit to Palma by the national director of the tax office, Jesus Alberto Monreal. This month, 10'000 million pesetas will be repaid, corresponding to 40 per cent of the income tax returns filed by people due rebates in the Balearics. Fernandez Alegria said so far more than 31'200 tax payers had received tax windfalls of 2'803 million pesetas. This is more than three times the amount which had been returned by this time last year. This was due to a great extent by a growing use of Internet for filing income tax returns. Fernandez Alegria said that up to Saturday, more than 30 per cent of 41.531 income tax returns submitted had been sent via Internet. This far exceeds the national average of nine per cent and is second only to Aragon. The number of people taking advantage of the Balearic government's Renda Agil service, which is free, has risen by 14 per cent to 53'000 taxpayers. A further 18'371 persons have made appointments with the tax office for help in filling in their returns. This is 20 per cent more than last year.