Palma's new bus station, for the buses linking the city with outlying towns and villages, has only been open two days, but it is already causing problems and representatives of the city council and the Balearic ministry of public works yesterday got together and tried to work them out. The station, in Calle Eusebio Estada by the railway bridge, was visited by Joaquin Rodriguez, the director general of public works, and Miguel Femenia, head of the council's traffic department. The first problem is the traffic light at the station exit, which is only green for ten seconds. This means at rush hour, 1 and 7pm, there are long tailbacks in Eusebio Estada. The traffic light at the start of the street is also causing problems and it has been described as dangerous by the bus drivers. Miguel Femenia said yesterday that the frequency of the traffic lights would be modified to remedy the problem. According to Joaquin Rodriguez, it will be harder to solve the problems of how the buses leave the city. Most of them have to go out to the Son Castelló industrial estate before they can resume their normal route. But, said Rodriguez, no more level crossings can be created.


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